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Best Freelance SEO Expert in India

#1 Rank, guaranteed results and get quality leads with vipul seo.

Hire now freelance SEO expert in India with Vipul Rajput SEO and rank on the first page on Google, here you will get a dedicated SEO expert with your project. 

Website Analytics for SEO

Vipul Rajput

Our Techniques We Use as Your SEO Freelancer in India

A one-stop solution for organic growth of your website

On-Page SEO

All the procedures you follow to form a web page rank higher in digital marketing. It gives priority to search engine results pages (SERP) that are a part of on-page SEO.

​Off-Page SEO

It denotes when any experts do their work apart from their website to fair, better significance, and shows top on Google SERPs. 

Technical SEO

This shows more attention to server optimization and websites that aid in search engine spider crawl (SESC), and index any specific website dominantly. Technical SEO improves organic ranking.

White Hat SEO

The white hat SEO contains relevant keyword research, and involves all optimization that Google search engines adhere to all instructions.

Black Hat SEO

It has keyword stuffing, and works on paid link building. This is the reverse of white hat SEO and search loopholes in Google search algorithm. It helps to rank better on SERPs. 

Grey Hat SEO

It watches quick results from a client and is based on paid reviews and link exchanges between clients’ websites.

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What SEO experts can do?

The best SEO Freelance in India executes On-page optimization across the pages on a website. It is necessary to ensure that search results are episodic and gives a positive user experience which helps to enlarge website traffic that leads to product or service awareness.


We as best freelance SEO in India has strong analytical skills and experience. We are capable of easily tracking and analyzing SEO campaigns functions. It involves Google Analytics, and Google search console to know the exact website traffic and discern an area of reformation. Also, the experts observe the impact of a particular SEO strategy on your website traffic. 

What do you expect from your SEO freelancer in India?

  • Enhancement of any particular website's organic traffic from 60 to 150 days.

  • Updating quality content, and Monitoring SEO campaigns. 

  • Using Premium SEO tools for marketing analysis and research like Moz, Ahref & Ubersuggest

  • Delivering transparent and fair weekly and monthly reporting to our customers about the website and its ranking.

  • Ranking high as well as low competition Keyword ranks on your website maximum in 150 to 180 days. 

  • You can inquire anytime and anything about your project.

Why you need an SEO expert to grow your sales

It is very difficult to take a step forward without SEO in an online business. You can bring your small business and make your brands or service worldwide popular with the best freelance SEO experts in India. A well-designed and full of information website becomes a necessity for any online firm or service. But, what if your site is not visible to potential clients while searching online for the service or product which can provide to them? Do you have any knowledge that ranking higher in Google searches brings a new audience along with new online business? Do you have any idea that Google optimizes sites and gives priority to them?

To acquire a superior aim, one needs to take the help of an SEO expert to rank their website higher which gives a tough fight to competitors in digital marketing. Vipul Rajput is well known in the online market and it offers SEO services in India at a cheap price in comparison to other SEO services. You can contact us today for all online marketing requirements and get the best SEO service through us. Also, our SEO professionals help you to acquire organic website traffic without any hassle. 

Your trusted SEO Freelancer  in India

If you are searching for a trustworthy company that offers freelance SEO services in India,  then you are at the right place. We can rank your website to a suitable prominent position on Google search results. If you need our services then you can contact us either through mail or using the contact numbers.


We are a fast and emerging freelance SEO service provider in India that can ease your website traffic problems within a few days. Our trained employee understands your issue and analyzes it so that they can serve you as per your expectations. We also focus on dynamic search marketing trends with your competitors and maintain pace in digital marketing. 

Our SEO freelancers has the experience and we give uniqueness that is based on knowledge, practice, and faith to user satisfaction. Also, SEO experts use many fields which can boost your business.

  • SEO fundamentals

  • SEO technical audit

  • Social media marketing (SEM)

  • Link building

  • Digital analytics (DA) research

  • Content research

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing

  • Competitor’s position in the market and analysis

  • Bing as well as Google algorithms

  • Web designing and basic HTML use

Also, SEO expert has some attributes such as


  • Comes with a good knowledge of basic SEO fundamentals which is necessary for website traffic. 

  • Has a good experience in SEO of at least 4 to 5 years and worked with various popular clients in past. 

  • Know how to handle technical issues that occur while ranking any page. 

  • Aware of digital analytics. 


SEO professionals research any particular website online so that it improves SEO works. He always learns new skills and keeps applying them to reform website traffic better. SEO experts make a strategy that shows quick results as early as possible and also he knows the amount is important to them.

Client Testemonials

Why companies like me?

"Great Experience and Fast SEP results within deadline"

Vipul Rajput is the best Freelance SEO in India his expertise in SEO is very impressive. I started getting responses on my website within 2 months of the project beginning.

Abhishek Verma

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an SEO expert?

SEO expert repair website ranking in search engines like Google, and Yahoo results page.

Q2. What do customers expect from Freelance SEO experts?

A customer needs an SEO expert who has a good knowledge of all mentioned things in detail Search algorithm Link building techniques Keyword research Competitor analysis and On page technical audit.

Q3. Who is the best freelance SEO expert in India?

Vipul Rajput is a best freelance SEO expert in India. He has good knowledge of how to rank a website, watch organic traffic carefully, and minimize technical issues on your website.

Q4. What is an organic search?

Organic SEO is mandatory because it helps to rank your website at the top of Google searches. Also, if anyone searches in the Google map then they will find your website in the top priority list. You will get heavy traffic on your website every month. More than 85 % and less than 91% people go through the organic search paths.

Q5. What SEO expert includes?

A good SEO expert includes features Certification from a well-known industry. Clients review which is up to their satisfaction Algorithm type and up-to-date knowledge.

You are just one step away to rank your website on #1 page




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